The corner of Morelia is one of the most emblematic of the District of La Rivera in Barcelona, better known as el Born. Front of the Mercat del Born, whose structure is now the Centre of reference of the district and next to the Parc de la Ciutadella.

One could spend the whole day in Morelia, since its opening in the morning until its closure at night. Inside or on the beautiful terrace. Start with the Kfe; eat quickly a set menu at a good price and quality, taste some succulent cake Sweet Morelia; and arrive in the evening with a dinner of his letter: a juicy Argentinean grilled, risotto, homemade pasta cut or a preferred dish your kitchen, replete with a good wine, closed with a good dessert and topped with a cocktail.

An interior with three levels, with the bar at the entrance and two dining rooms, one, open and bright and another, more hidden and intimate, vaulted with the traditional Catalan volta, private, ideal for dinners of groups, anniversaries and celebrations.

What you eat in Morelia?

The main benefit for palates is the quality of the product. Morelia offers argentina, simple but tasty, homemade food. With the traditional cuts of meat for roasting to coal, of course. And empanadas… delicious pies… It also offers Mediterranean cuisine, pasta dishes and risottos; market and seasonal cuisine (your letter is renewed each season, keeping the basics).

In Morelia he eats well, things happen in his corner and it is worthwhile to tell them…